God of ayurved

“DHANWANTHARI KERALA” is named after Lord Dhanwanthari, who is mentioned as a God of Ayurveda in the Vedic Puranas. Dhanwanthari Kerala is one of the oldest Ayurveda Houses in Kerala, born in the mind of late Vaidyan C. N. Namboothiri. He established Dhanwanthari Kerala in the year 1933 and pioneered the concept of institutionalizing Ayurvedic Medicinal Marketing and Treatment in Kerala.

Today, Dhanwanthari Kerala is an integrated Ayurvedic company with interests in Manufacturing of Medicines, Treatment, Research and Development. Dhanwanthari Kerala became the first firm from South BHARAT to explore the Indian Market & other major Indians cities.

Till now, we developed a robust network of 350+ sales outlets and full-fledged treatment centers in many locations of Kerala, apart from associates in other states.


As “GOD of Ayurveda” stands for Wisdom, Divinity, Purity ; ”DHANWANTHARI KERALA” has always followed it for Authentic Healing through traditional values and pure medicines'. DHANWANTHARI KERALA compassionately aims to extend the 'Immense Wealth & Wisdom of Ayurveda to the Public'. Our primary focus is providing authentic well-researched products based on Age-old wisdom and Age-old proven practices by successfully retaining its purity. Because of the Spiritual Purity in our Holistic Age-old teachings & proven practices, we have always cared about direct healing the root cause of patient's disease.

Authentic Ayurveda Experience


'AYURVEDA is empowering people with its authentic fundamental methods of healthy living, since last 4500+ years'

As you know, while other traditional systems have slowly died out due to onslaught of modern western civilization, AYURVEDA withstood it all and remains one of rare few ancient systems of healing in world. One of the oldest & most Comprehensive Scientific Discipline & a complete Health-care System.

Research & Development

'DHANWANTHARI KERALA has got in-house Research & Development setup. The R and D Division is conducting tests for Basic Research, New Products Development and Tests for improving the Production Quality, apart from its routine standardised tests. We have created a strong platform for involving Scientists, Doctors & Technical Experts from BHARAT as well as from abroad to interact, share knowledge and learn true Ayurveda.

Ayurvedi app

Ayurvedi is a brainchild of DHANWANTHARI KERALA created to provide a robust support system to every participant of Ayurveda be it student, doctor, researcher or teacher. This digital ecosystem makes the life of Ayurvedic practitioner easy . It enhances his practice, facilitates his research, keep him updated. And provides authentic Ayurveda “granthokta” knowledge at his finger tips.



Panchkarma trainings -

Panchakarma is the process in which systematic cleansing of your body takes place without damaging the tissues. In other words, it can be defined as a 'Bio-Purification method' rather than calling it detox of body. So, it has remained a most-effective & vital method of healing in Ayurvedic system since its birth. The Original pure form of panchakarma remains the strong pillar of Keraliya Ayurveda.



Ever since 1933, DHANWANTHARI KERALA came into existence, it is committed to develop new & advanced Ayurvedic medicines with the help of traditional ayurvedic values. Till now, Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala has already developed many Patented Ayurvedic preparations. Our Researchers are under way with the single aim of developing Ayurvedic remedies &medicines for specific dis-eases like Migrane, Peptic Ulcer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis...