‘Ayurvedi app’

Ayurvedi app

Ayurvedi is a brainchild of DHANWANTHARI KERALA created to provide a robust support system to every participant of Ayurveda be it student, doctor, researcher or teacher. This digital ecosystem makes the life of Ayurvedic practitioner easy . It enhances his practice, facilitates his research, keep him updated. And provides authentic Ayurveda “granthokta” knowledge at his finger tips.

To make you understand better, 'Vedi' is actually a person having in-depth knowledge of Science, Shastra, Learned person, a Teacher. Vedi also mean Altar - a structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious purposes. Altars are found at Shrines, Temples, Churches and other places of worship. Similarly, ayurvedi is an digital mobile application with amazing utilities which is going to be a beacon of knowledge for a ayurvedic person

Experience ayurveda

Below are the benefits for you to reap from the Ayurvedi eco-system :


Ayurvedi eco-system offers free an in-built Clinic Management Software. It will help a Vaidya to note the Appointments of his patients time-to-time on his mobile tap. This even can be handled simultaneously by Vaidya as well as his staff, to accurately keep track to avoid any Appointment clashes.



The Immense Wealth of Ayurvedic Knowledge 'which we literally mean' is recorded in the scriptures of Age-old Ayurveda still remains unexplored by anyone. If put to use this knowledge is sure to unearth remedies that will find effective and economical solutions to ailments that have vexed humanity for ages. So, to unearth this Golden opportunity for People, 'DIPUM' an ambitious project of DHANWANTHARI KERALA, is one such mission that aims to make primary healthcare accessible and affordable to all. DIPUM is conceived as a bold stride towards humane healthcare - to offer health services shaped by social commitment and ethics.


Every week, some or the other Ayurvedic expert display his well-researched work from some part of the world. So, expert’s team of DHANWANTHARI KERALA assess it & collect every valuable Research paper to make it available for you, on your mobile tap. Along-with this, our expert team let you know our in-depth clear analysis on it. This will help you to stay accurately updated without lagging behind even for a moment.


We have an immensely valuable Ayurvedic info to share with you, which will efficiently help any Vaidya, during his practice. But we understand that being unable to find the necessary info at right time in a right manner even from its Treasure will force you feel like it a messy warehouse. And so considering this, we introduced an Efficient Search Tool for you! with

1) 3600+ herbs

This data-filter tool will help you to filter the necessary info about medicines by guna, rasa, virya , vipak, uses, adhikar, pratyang, etc. whenever needed, the way you want.

2) 5000+ formulation

This data-filter tool will help you to filter the necessary formulations by adhikar, contents, uses, references, etc. whenever needed the way you want.

D) E-COMMERCE platform

Ayurvedi e-commerce is an Ayurvedic mini-MR on your mobile. In our dedicated market survey, we observed that many of the times lack of availability of Ayurvedic Medicines in medicals or lack of the frequency of Ayurvedic medicals force Vaidyas to change the prescription most of the times. So by keeping this in mind, we exclusively introduced an E-commerce platform in Ayurvedi’s eco-system for Vaidyas. Here any Vaidya can place 'Bulk orders' of needed Ayurvedic medicines on tap. Shipping care till your Clinic/Hospital venue will be taken by DHANWANTHARI KERALA.